Learn About The Advantages Of Micro Ring Hair Extensions

micro ring hair extensionsHair extensions are ideal if you want to add length or volume to your existing hair. Extensions involve attaching real or synthetic hair to your natural hair. Different techniques for adding extensions include using a bonding substance to secure the hair or weaving the extensions onto the ends of your natural hair. Micro ring hair extensions, also called micro loop hair extensions, are popular because no adhesive is needed to attach them. The result lasts a long time, looks natural and saves your hair from possible damage caused by glue or some other bonding material.

When you put extensions in your hair, you want them to be invisible. One problem with many hair extension techniques is they tend to look bulky and unnatural. You do not have to worry about that when you have micro loop extensions. The hair extension technician attaches your natural hair to the extension weft with a tiny loop or ring. The technician presses the rings close to the scalp creating a nearly seamless bond.

The result will depend on the color and texture of the extensions, the quality of the extensions, and the skill level of the hair technician you choose to attach them. An experienced technician may charge more for services but the results will be more natural looking than if you go to someone with inferior skills or less experience.

How you care for your hair will also affect whether your extensions are detectable and how long they will last. If you wash your hair in the shower, adjust the shower head to low pressure so the water does not pull the extension out. Gently massage shampoo into hair using a vertical motion. This helps the strands stay aligned and avoids putting stress on the attachment points. When applying conditioner, avoid the roots and focus on the ends instead.

Brushing your hair regularly will help you avoid tangles that can damage your extensions. Brush the ends first while holding your hair with the other hand to avoid putting strain on the attachment points. Slowly work your way up until you have eliminated the tangles. To avoid tangles while you sleep, put your hair in a loose braid before you go to bed.

Hair technicians advise clients to avoid swimming pool water because the chlorine can damage the extensions as well as your natural hair. If you do swim, pull your hair back into a ponytail before getting into the water and rinse out the chlorinated water immediately after you get out of the pool.

Micro ring extensions are best if you want something that produces the most natural looking result without the use of potentially damaging adhesives. They are suitable for any hair type unless you have extremely short hair. The shorter your hair is the more difficult it is to make the extensions undetectable. Because of the expense and time involved with applying extensions, micro ring extensions are usually impractical if you looking for fuller or longer hair for a single special event. With proper care, these extensions will last four to six months.

Pre bonded hair extensions can also be a route you should consider when choosing the best extensions for your hair.