Clip In Hair Extensions Wearing Guide

clip in hair extensionsClip in hair extensions can be excellent purchases for those who want to elongate the appearance of their natural hair. Full head clip in hair extensions, in particular, can transform a short hair cut into a longer one in a desirable and attractive way. However, users who are new to these products might not know what to expect when they use them. By understanding the steps involved in the wearing process, it can be easy for anyone to look their best.

To begin, move the tail’s comb or your fingers underneath the hair and along your scalp so that the hair is separated from the left to the right hairline.

Proceed by sectioning your hair. The clip-in weft extensions can be attached up from the bottom in a movement to the top. Start at your lowest section on your hairline, and then use the tail comb or fingers to create the parts to section your hair.

When you are ready to continue, clip up the hair above your part. Lift all of your hair up above the first part and then clip it out of your way.

You will be ready to prepare your first weft now. This should be just long enough for you to set the weft to sit comfortably along the back of your hairline, or the nape of your neck. Open the snap clips so that they can be ready to be placed in the hair.

Place the first weft as necessary. Your clips should be placed on the hair below the part, which keeps the weft even on your head.

The middle clip should then be placed after you locate the middle of your nape. Place your clip on your hair below that part. With the clip moving downward, catch all of your hair to secure it and then snap the clip shut.

The placement of your second clip can be easy as well. Unclip the sectioned hair and then let a small layer of your follicles move down to cover your first weft. Much like set above, place the clip over your hair below the part, and then move the clip down to catch all of your and then snap the clip shut.

This process should be repeated for all other wefts on your head. From here, you should check for missed spaces and make sure that the clips are flat against the hair. If there are any gaps that you spot, be sure to correct them to create a more seamless appearance.

The next wefts can be placed along the other sections of your hair when you are ready to proceed, so be sure to take your time as you move along. It can be easy for anybody to use these extensions correctly, and they do not necessarily need to be too long for users to enjoy their appearance. Be sure to shop for the type that will complement the look that you are going for, and do not be afraid to experiment with different colors and textures.

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