Best Hair Extensions | Pro’s and Con’s

hair extensionsCelebrities and their hair extensions

Celebrities keep surprising the world by sporting different types of hairstyles. They change not just their hairstyle but also their hair color and hair length over the course of just a few days! One day you will see them with shoulder length hair and the next day, bam, they have long luscious locks below their waists that looks reasonably real – How is this even possible? Well, the answer lies in hair extensions and of course the help of a talented celebrity hair stylist!

Long and voluminous hair has always been considered attractive. Unfortunately, not all girls and women are capable of growing out their hair and achieving the desired length due to poor health, bad diet, poor lifestyle choices, lack of proper hair care routine and so on. This is the reason why hair extensions are so popular with women and girls around the world! These do not just add length to one’s hair but are also capable of adding volume. The best part is that hair extensions are not exclusively reserved for celebrities, anyone and everyone can get them done on their hair if they are willing to loosen up their purse strings!

The best types of hair extensions

There are two types of hair extensions available: clip-in (temporary) and regular hair extensions (semi-permanent). The clip-in ones are easy to find in the market and very easy to use. As evident from its name, one simply has to clip them on and one can instantly change one’s hairstyle. When not required, they can be taken out by unlocking the clips. Clip-in extensions are meant for all those who wish to add instant length to their hair and/or make it voluminous without the commitment of getting it done semi-permanently.

For those who do not wish to get clip-in hair extensions on a daily basis and spending time trying to hide them by teasing, back-combing, etc, it would be better to opt for regular hair extensions. Moreover, even the best hair extensions clip-ins can cause significant damage to the roots when used regularly because the clips hold on to the real hair of the individual. Thus, for long term solutions it would be best to opt for regular extensions. These take a couple of hours to set up and they require maintenance every six to eight weeks.

Regular hair extensions are costlier than clip-in ones for obvious reasons but they are worth the investment because hairstyles can really affect a person’s appearance. If you choose to opt for 100% natural human hair extensions as opposed to synthetic ones then you should be prepared to shell out more. Synthetic ones aren’t preferred by many because they cannot be heated, which means the use of hot hair styling tools such as flat iron, curling wand, blow dryers, etc is a huge no-no.

Also, the cost depends upon the length and weight of hair extensions that you use. As far as these are concerned, people typically like to opt for a natural look instead of going overboard with crazy length or volume. There are plenty of companies offering hair extensions in the market today. To find out which is the best, one can go through unbiased hair extensions reviews.